It is with great pleasure that I announce that we have officially rebranded. Curlfriend Suomi has gone through a rebirth. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes. A transformation, if you will have it. This has been a long time coming.

For those who have been with us from the beginning, you already know that we launched mid last year. And originally, this was meant to be a digital space created to celebrate afro-textured hair and heritage in Finland. But after putting a few posts here and there, we felt as though starting from the drawing board was necessary.

Photo Credit: Halima Abokor Sheikh 


As I have previously explained on my personal Instagram, the blog I launched last year has run its course. Because for the longest time it was not authentic to who I am, and where I am in life. You see, I just turned 20 a little over a month ago, which inclined me to reflect on the past.

The thing is, when I first launched Curlfriend Suomi I was about to turn 19. And no one could have prepared me for the growth and growing pains that were in store for me. A lot took place between then and now. For instance I took a leap of faith by pursuing my dreams, I changed jobs, and I was at my all time lowest, mentally.

With my growth came the need for letting go, to make room for new beginnings. And this is exactly what it is. A fresh start!

Although hesitant at first, I am at a place where I am embracing my twenties, while proudly admitting that I am still figuring things out. And I would like to explore that on here. I would just like to debunk the myths, uncover the many layers that come with newfound adulthood. From the thrill of landing a job, to the excitement and nervousness of falling in love. From the joy of taking on a new hobby, to the frustrations that stem from inadequacy. I hope to explore that and more.


For starters, we have a logo! And more importantly, we have a clear vison for the brand. Before, it felt like we were just driving off somewhere with no destination in mind. But now, we are driving off with an idea of where we are heading to. 

Secondly, this is no longer just a virtual space for all things Afro-textured Hair and Lifestyle. We have expanded our horizons. We will be covering topics ranging from beauty, art, entertainment, culture, heritage, and lifestyle.


Overall, a multitude of wholesome, organic content; brought to you by a fellow eager, young adult who is on her own personal journey of determining her identity through intentional living. Here is a list of more things to expect: 

1. Quotes. Who doesn't love a well articulated piece of text?
2. Candid conversations. Why hold back?
3. Fun. Because being an adult does not always have to be a snooze fest.

Photo Credit: Halima Abokor Sheikh 


Photography || Halima Abokor Sheikh

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