It is no secret that I am trying to get back into the habit of reading. In fact, in my previous post, I recounted my memories of growing up as an avid reader, yet almost giving it up all together in my late teens. Now that I am twenty, I have decided to give reading another go. And to be quite honest, it has proven to be harder than I thought it would be. But thankfully, I have figured out three simple steps to implement in order to lessen the struggle . Here they are:

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Before proceeding any further, you need to ask yourself one important, yet often overlooked question. What kinds of books do I want to read? Not only does the answer to this question give you an idea of where you should start from; it also narrows down the endless alternatives. And in a world where it easy to get overwhelmed by the number of options, it is better to come to a decision. Otherwise, you will risk getting stuck due to indecision. However, deciding on a genre does not mean that you are limited to reading books within that genre. Quite the contrary. 

Think of it like this. There are those of us that are plagued with the intense desire to travel worldwide. But there is no way to do that all at once. Instead it is undertaken one travel destination at a time. And for that to happen we must constantly choose our destination of choice. But just because we travel within Europe does not meant that we cannot travel elsewhere such as The Middle East, Oceania etc. 

My point is, you have to start from somewhere. And in this case, it could be as broad as choosing to read literary fiction. Or it could be as specific as choosing to read a fantasy novel with a Black/Brown protagonist.


I take it that you have decided what kinds of books you wish to read. So, it is crucial to establish goals to give you an direction of where you are headed. If I may continue with the travel analogy, think of setting goals as planning out a travel itinerary. It consists of all the places you want to visit, things you want to do etc in order to get the ideal travel experience of the destination in question.

Well, the same goes for reading. Setting goals, be it long term or short term, will also give you an idea on how to go about achieving the end result. Personally speaking, my main end result is to read as often as I used to, and it usually involved at least two books in a month. That is why I take initiative in trying to read for at least 15 minutes a day.


I remember complaining to my history teacher how I barely had time for reading anymore. And half surprisingly, she did not reprimand me. Instead she gave me a great suggestion. To make use of the time 40 minute commute to school.

This made sense to me because a) It didn't do much except be on my phone while on my way to school. b) Because of the fact that I had time to spare, and it did not feel like I was forcing reading into my routine. Instead of going out of my way to make time,  I was utilizing the time I already had.


Never Let Me Go || Kazuo Ishuguro 
Ishmael's Oranges || Claire Hajaj 


Photography || Priscilla Osei
Location || Solo Sokos Hotel Torni and Helsinki Univeristy Main Library 

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