On the eve of my eighteenth birthday, which was two and a half years ago, my then best friend and I checked ourselves in one of Helsinki's renowned luxury hotels, Hotel Haven. The plan was to  commence with the celebrations of my official coming-of-age by painting the town red along with another friend.

Typical of Western Culture, I was already thinking of way to exercise my new-found freedom and power as an adult. I could not wait to go out to a club. Neither could I wait to vote, solo travel, or sign my own contracts without needing a guardian to co-sign. 

But here is the thing, that is not all there is to turning eighteen. Sure, there are exhilarating, extraordinary moments ahead. But then there the is typical, mundane every-day life, which we should take into account, yet often gets overlooked. And although it happens to be the not-so-glamorous side of things, it is still worth paying attention to. So, without further ado, here are the three mundane, yet essential things to consider doing as soon as you turn eighteen:

Photo Credit: Bernard Hermant 

Acquire Another Form Of ID

What I mean by this is, acquire another document, other than your passport. I had to learn this the hard way when my passport renewal process was getting more complicated than I could have ever anticipated. Leaving me with no other way to verify my identity. So please, learn from my mistake by applying for your ID card as soon as possible . 

In some parts of the world, a driver's license  is recognized as a form of ID. However, not everyone drives as soon as they are of age to do so. And not everyone is eager to. Hence why it makes more sense to get an identity card.  

Take Charge of Your Finances

The act itself has the potential of sounding more daunting than it should be. How so? Well, because taking controlling of one's finances does not have to be as grandiose as we make it out to be. My advice is to start small. How about opening up a savings account? Or finding out what percentage of your salary goes to taxes. Or you can already begin to inquire about your pension. 

Seek Therapy or Counselling

Just to make it clear, you can never be too young or too old to seek any form of therapy or counselling. However, the transition from teenage to young adulthood can be quite intense, and it has the potential on taking a severe toll on anyone's mental and emotional health. And that is why I am of the opinion booking a session with a licenced therapist or clinical psychologist will serve you with opportunity to talk to a professional, who will equip you with the tools of dealing with day-to-day demands and challenges.